Monday, September 12, 2011

Lonesome Bittersweetness: For The Love of God

Reading a charming philosophical lit on a cool avo over a glass of warm tea in a chic Seoul metropolitan cafe, it's a sweet introverted treat to my peculiarity, a rarity in the recent years of mine. In the wanders of my imaginary retreat, the theme of love is the most popular hit on my playlist.

Like eating a bag of freshly toasted peanut, knowledge enthuses many to feedback positively by yielding more questions as it is being gained virally. If anything, the awe of philosophy is within the formulation of inspired thoughts.

I was reading 'The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work", the latest publication from my all-time favourite English writter, Alain de Botton. His decorative words are akin to that of a fine aged wine, bursting with depth of characters and sprinkles of after-taste, leaving a beautiful consensual impression with plenty of rooms for added subjective opinion. Each sentence savours like a psalm in the bible.

There was a little sip of Alain's collage about loneliness, a paradigm of a lighthouse beaming its purposeful light in the midst of Western Australian desert, that instantenously set the background theme for my afternoon cup of wandering thoughts.

"Pierre, why are you so sentimental sometimes?", asked a dull or inquiring mind.
"Hmmm, when you have them all: fame, power, fortune, prestige and sex; what's there left to your desire?" - a question for a God, the lonesome supreme whose soul reside as a lighthouse shining in the vast emptiness of a Western Australian desert.

A theory, impossible of prove, came to reach my mind. Perhaps we are free-willed puppets, overlooked by the master, who's awaiting for His/Her love in return.

"Does God need us?"
Could the query cause an everlasting dilemma?
In abandonment, we would lost our soul to its entire meaning. In opposition, reciprocally, does that mean that God, too, is lonely and created us to contest His predicament?
Could that contentious selfish act, from His longing to be loved, made us to be a variation of his image, who has a universal thirst; of love?

A Buddhist monk or a Catholic nun, who's life's devoted to solitude and altruism, is prized heavenly to its level of worth. Pragmatically, two such acts embellish the power of wisdom, the virtue of a God. A self-reflection and an act of giving, during the full span of a lifetime, may be perceived as the confident will-power of resisting the thirst of love, the martyr turning a saint from the absent expression of a hungry heart (pardon the pun ;P), the wisdom of a single lonesome being.

One exception to this altruistic selfish act is that God, in His singular state, would create a different meaning of selfishness. "If you are the one-and-only, can you be referred as selfish?"

"Does God have fear?"
Yes seems to defeat the purpose of God. Yet the denial of the inquisition brings out another mystery of our existence in His light. Why would God tests our faith if He does not fear?

In the end, on the harmony of complex humanity, does that mean that God is playing a crazy little game called love, with us?
So who would you be, and how would you proceed?

Maybe God is never yes, no or maybe; 'cos to its entirety, faith of God is as to be or not to be.

And as for me, the sentimental me, this is just a theory, of what love could be.

"Lord, can You hear me now...?"-Damien Rice


  1. Why suddenly so philosophical? Too 'mendalam' for me to fathom. You must be having too much time to think.

  2. What if God does NOT exist? Will all your theories go to pot, Pierre? Your images captured on and off the subway tells many stories, I love how you did it so clandestinely! Funny thing here, I was just listening to this Damien Rice song last night...freaky.

  3. Well... I reckon all artistic being are sentimental... can be really emotional at time too, lol! Wow, you hv most your itinerary frm Taiwan to Korea?! Keep well mate and be happy!

  4. Nice video and awesome pics. I sometimes do ponder on such things, but realize the answers are determined by my faith instead of others. Others can only offer opinions. Have a good day my friend.

  5. Great post and pictures! "Maybe God is never yes, no or maybe; 'cos to its entirety, faith of God is as to be or not to be." great quote!

  6. Love Love Love your words & delish language.
    "Each sentence savours like a psalm in the bible" Lovely.
    PS> Witout God, I would have vanished long ago,,,,And even with Him, after my sister's murder, I have somewhat vanished a year ago. xx

  7. Wah!!! So philosophical! In Korea, are you... Have the string noodles in ginseng chicken soup with lots of traditional Korean wine. Yum! Yum! All will be forgotten...LOL!!!

  8. very deep and thought provoking post.... i love it. i too, am on a journey to discover. we should grab a cuppa one day if you happen to visit melb =).

    damien rice is the shiz. lisa hannigan's voice SLAYS me

  9. One of my friend told how he's asked to describe God, and he answered "God's like sugar in the tea. You can't see it, but you can taste it." Yes, I can not see it, but all the love I get makes me sense His sweetness.
    Although it's not perfect, it's enough (I guess when you reach that perfect point, you have nothing else you look forward to). Although it's hard to breathe, it's still better to live.
    I guess love is somewhere for everyone. Everyone has one, right? *fingercross* And probably, I should not stay still and go somewhere, probably like to Korea, like you. Haha.
    Hope you have great days in Korea! :)

  10. im glad that you've time while traveling to bebe philosophical ;) some of the points you mentioned ive wondered myself as well. but at the end of the day, I may not have all the answers and some things may not make sense...but its just me and my limited knowledge and wisdom of who He is and how He does things...and I'm grateful that God has given us the heart to seek Him and know more about Him.

    Take care during your travels mate and continue taking awesome pics!

  11. @Michelle,
    Glad that you do, especially coming from the Niche ;)

    Thinking is one of my favourite pastimes, as well as forgetting. Hehehe. It's OK, you don't have to digest each bits that you've read.

    Well the existence of God is a totally different argument all together. Glad that you find some thought-provoking moments in the post, and Damien, he may just have been a momentary God in that song. :)

    So you think I am artistic? ;)
    Thank you for the kind wishes. It's a sweet trip so far.

    In the end, it's all about the faith. Thank You!

    Thank You! Spoilt with greatness here :)

    I think God or the idea of God is always a lifesaver. Glad that you like my words:)

    I don't drink to forget, memory is far too precious to waste away with drinks.
    I do love herbal chicken soup though. I am eating Korean all day every day for 2 months...almost sick of it :(

    I guess we are all on different stages of similar journey ay. Count you on that offer bro, I will be in Melbourne sometime soon; to see my first niece/nephew.
    Damien is like soulorgasm. So much depth in the misery.

    Thanks for poppin by! And I truly love you bits of sweet sweet hearsay.
    Maybe Korea is where my love would lay. I'm still searching for that port of somewhat to lay by anchor ;)
    Thank you!

    It's nice to wonder and reflect during a little slice of lifetime. And yup, Faith is not about the answer, it's about what to do regardless of the answer. I reckon, you do get pretty deep too sometimes, and that does mean your limits are very very high up! ;)
    Thanks for the kind wishes!

  12. I think God may exists, but the fact is that God in general is a manifestation of people's ideals and wants. They need to believe in something, and fear in something. Hence the enigma that is God :)

  13. The Doc, The Cook & the Philospher = Pierre And just for that I need another glass of wine :)

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

  14. I think it is a grand thing to question the existence of God and deeper things - life is otherwise too random, too transient, too based on circumstance + change. Personally I think that if you seek the truth, really seek, it - you will find it!

    Food pics and recipes looking good as always!

  15. You are? Dude look me up! Will grab coffee or a meal or something. Enjoy the rest of your trip bro! =)

  16. Lovely lovely writing and your pictures... just gorgeous.

  17. Dearest sweet Pierre, i really enjoyed reading this post ~ your words and those beautiful photos. Half way reading it, a really old old track by Joan Osborne - "One Of Us" started playing in my head. lol Have a lovely merry happy Monday and a beautiful week! Love to you!

  18. I guessed people who adore music, like you, are more sentimental... Or you've missed your kitchen too much to be in this mode...? ;P

    Cheer up and hope to see you back cooking again! ;)

  19. I really do think we are "free willed puppets" Pierre, and I do say that with at least a small amount of bitterness... I guess I have issues with religion, or God, or both? I also think God may be too flawed, petty or 'human' to be God. I expect a bolt of lightning may come out of the sky to grill me to a crisp now *yikes*