Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chocolate Clay

I am about to share to you one of my precious recipe. Why? Because I can and it rarely is shown in a typical cookbook. I want to push myself by sharing my secrets one by one, so that I won't be lazy to discover more secrets.

When I grew up as a kid, I was fortunate enough to see many beautiful cartoon theme birthday cakes of my friends' birthday. There were all beautiful and amazing looking. I was instinctively jealous deeply to the root of my heart. But there was a consolation, the cake tasted worst than my mum's badminton racket smack to the bum (I was naughty too, you know). The colours did not taste fruity at all! It was just tasteless sugar, a dose so high it'd bless a kid with diabetes for each birthday we attend. The cream wasn't even flavoured with vanilla or any thing that taste like it. Topping the horror, the figurines, which were super awesome looking and some are edible, are made of icing sugar or marzipan!!!! Yuck!!!! So sugary, it stabs the teeth like you've had none.

Sometimes though, some fancy-smancy bragging acquaintance of my parents gave us some really good cakes, the chocolate kind... with 'real chocolate' flowers! Now I always dreamt that one day this world will consist of real chocolate figurines exclusively; no more shitty diabetic-ending. (Sorry, strong opinion here).

As some of you may have shared my hatred of conventional icing sugar toppings in cupcakes, I would also like to draw your attention to flawlessly white iced wedding cake that's just mostly disappointing. Please do try this clay with white chocolate and see the huge difference to your wedding (or even a divorce party). It could be slightly difficult though, but practise yields perfection.

The clay is pretty much like a hard version of play-doh. You need to warm it up with your hand to make it more malleable but not too warm that it'd stick and melt.

Do use cheap chocolate, don't waste on expensive one. The mixture will alter the expensive taste of your chocolate you've paid for. Anyway, the recipe is so damn ridiculously simple. I am embarrassed to keep it a secret. If you want to make a coloured chocolate clay, don't use water based colouring. Use oil based or powder colouring.

Chocolate clay
yields about 350g

300g chocolate
1/3 cup glucose syrup (or light corn syrup)
1-3 drops of colouring (optional)

1. Prepare 30x30cm non-stick baking paper on a bench.
2. Melt chocolate over double broiler but never let the chocolate exceed 37.5celcius. Stir in glucose and colouring with rubber spatula. Stir with folding motion until homogenous. Don't overmix.
3. Pour the chocolate mixture to baking paper. Pat to 20x20cm square shape with spatula. Cool in room temperature for 2-3 hours. The clay is ready to use. Or store in chocolate in baking paper and airtight container for 2 months.

To make a rose, Adri & Surya had kindly shoot simultaneous photos of my hands making a rough concept model of a basic pink rose:

That concludes all the elements of my Panna Cotta with Cocoa Cookies and Pink White Chocolate Rose recipe.

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  1. You just made me *sigh* with your P.S. I'm so sorry about that. What's with girls these days, always breaking your heart? Time will heal - as with most wounds.
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. I took a bite out of a marzipaned Cookie Monster on a kid's birthday cupcake recently and it tasted horrible. Even my sugar-crazed son thought so. Those are lovely roses.

  2. What an great alternative to fondant! Im sure it's much tastier too!

  3. Oh yeah, I don't mind some icing, but I've some pretty bad ones too. Your chocolate alternative sounds great, and the pink roses are so pretty. :)

  4. i hate icing. i will not be able to withstand it. EVER! yours must be superior to icing. :)

  5. I love it Pierre!!!!... so stylish and cool... clever you!

  6. How cute are those little flowers! Love that they aren't all that sugar nasty stuff! Frosting can be the worst part of cake sometimes.

  7. It is nice to see that there is a better version of decorators icing, something with more flavor than sugary sweetness. The roses are awesome-have a great weekend!

  8. piere thank you for your precious one, i do love your recipe. terima kasih ya...
    *book marked!

  9. --Pierre,
    wish you lived at my house :))) xx Amazing.

  10. This is fantastic Pierre!!! I am loving it! That is the most elegant and beautiful panna cotta I have ever seen.

  11. Pierre, you've been hiding this secret for too long! Thanks for sharing the chocolate roses technique, love the videos and the accompanying music too. Good choices, my forever heartbroken friend!

  12. You always are doing something so clever and interesting. Beautiful job on the chocolate roses.

  13. Hi. May I know what is the cream that you use? Any particular brand?
    Or, can we use whipping cream? can't seem to find the cream here in Malaysia.

  14. The roses are so pretty! A little touch up and it makes the panna cotta looks so enticing!

    I seldom use white chocolate in baking since I prefer my dessert less sweet, great idea to make decorative flowers of it!^^

  15. Pretty roses. Is that the minimal requirement for a doctor's hand skills (or a chef)? :)
    I remember my plactic figurine 'Power Ranger' and my sister cream Pikachu birthday cakes. Not my favorite, but yeah, people follows trend of the day, right?
    I remember helping my cousin making these chocolate gift. It came in boxes, supposedly white chocolate, and some pink powder. Turned out really bad in consistency - and tasted just like sugar. I guess it was not white chocolate at all, just sugar.
    And about girl, don't worry! "Gugur satu, tumbuh seribu" Iya, kan? Then, you can pick best one from that one thousand!
    The sunlight will help bring your head up again.
    Don't forget to smile and cheer up. Hehe.

  16. Beautiful chocolate roses and these are really great and tastier substitution for those icing and fondant! Tks for sharing this precious secret recipe of yours. ;)

    I'm sorry to know about your cuts and like the saying--time heals.. tho we may not know when and how long, I do hope, wish and pray that your painful heart will be back to a hungry heart just like ours here asap. Cheer up, Pierre! ;D

  17. i have a REALLY low tolerance for icings too... but this recipe looks fun!! i'll probably make it still, because not every one is like me and other ppl (esp kids) would still love it! any excuse to play and make art with food in the kitchen is a good day =D

  18. Thanks for shraing this wonderful trick, though the recipe is simple. It's all about skills, and you never fail to amaze me. I completely agree with you on all the fancy-smancy wonderful decorated cakes with fondant or marzipan. I just couldn't eat them, tried them once and my tooth ache just from taking a bite. Talk about sugar rush. Maybe that's why till this day my cakes look like that, and not fantastic looking. Not sure how you're feeling right now; I would say let time heal & with your strong philosophical mind, nothing could beat that down. Stay true and slowly you will see a rainbow and your hungry heart back. Or like the Koreans put it *FIGHTING!!* Hugs, jo

  19. This is why I love you Pierre and you are one of my chosen 5 for the 'My 7 Links Project'. Please check it out on my blog :)

    chow! Devaki @ weavethousandflavors

    PS - Can't wait to read your 7 links :)

  20. Hi Pierre,

    I came here just in time to see this post! It was wonderful to see the video, and I'm always fascinated to see how different artists make their roses! Yours are great! Hope you're having a great time in Korea...or wherever you are!

    Pei Li

  21. How easy is that! So pretty and pink. I love the song you chose for the video.

    P.S. Girls suck!

  22. Don't worry little hungry heart, just like Bell curve "What goes up must come down and will eventually go up again" just a matter of time and great alternative editable roses.

  23. HellloooW...anyone home?
    I just finished reading all I need to read in my Reader and am popping by to say Hi.
    Hope you're healing well.

  24. Dearest pierre, love those roses you made...beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy friday and a wonderful merry weekend! Love to you!

  25. Hi Pierre
    I hope all is well. You are probably so busy at the hospital!

  26. Just popping by to say Hi. Hope all is well and great. ;)
    Saw both your most recent videos and are interesting! Tho I don't understand your language but I like the one with the vegetable man-interesting way selling their veggies! Similar to garang guni man (collecting old newspaper/clothes/electric appliances etc) here in SG. I'm interesting in the chilli making one and hope you could translate that if time permits for you. ;D
    Lastly, we miss your hungry heart! Haha! ;P

  27. Hello Pierre! Wow, such pretty roses. Never thought it could be this easy. My valentine's day cake for hubby will never look the same again. Terimakasih! I have missed your mad kitchen skills and musings my friend!

  28. True, sometimes those adorable themed cakes can taste horrible - glad my kids have outgrown those themed birthdays! Seems whenever I stop by you've just made a beautiful dessert, hmmm . . .. Good idea making a video - with perfect background song, of course! - on how to make the roses. Now I think I can handle that and may try next time I bake. Have a great day!

  29. Just noticed - it looks like you haven't been around in a while, hope all is well.